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A contemporary approach for how to attract shoppers at retail

Execution at retail requires fulfillment of new expectations from a nuanced shopper.  REX Retail brings together a unique blend of retail solutions combining architecture, digital discovery, customer journey, and novel product realization all with a background that includes merchants, designers, architects and developers.

A full suite of services tailored to your custom needs

  • Architectural & Visualization Services
  • Digital User Experience Design
  • Customer Experience Mapping
  • Flagship Engagements
  • Content Management Systems
  • Product Education/Catalogue Tools
  • Content Creation
  • Cloud Services
  • Analytics

Experience you can count on

Andy Austin - President, The Industrious and former Executive Director, Retail Customer Experience, ATT

Brian Dyches - Digital Experience Architect and Tech Editor, VMSD Magazine

Roy Tavenor - Managing Principal, RED Design Group and former GGM Marketing, Myer Grace Bros.

A combination of experience at retail and passion for shoppers

REX Retail brings together a unique, industry-leading set of capabilities to help retailers/brands/workplace exceed the expectations of consumers throughout North America, Oceania and Asia

REX Retail